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Boyd C. Johnson was born and raised in Orange County, California. From ages 19 to 21, he served a church mission in Argentina and learned fluent Spanish. As a graduate of the distinguished Fowler School of Law at Chapman University, Boyd clerked for both state and federal court judges, learning the inner-workings of the judicial system.

Boyd is licensed to practice law in both California and Arizona, and he represents personal injury victims throughout these states, from San Diego to Phoenix, San Francisco to Tucson, and Los Angeles to Flagstaff. He is an active member of the Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles Bar Association and J. Reuben Clark Law Society.

Boyd's personal experiences help him "Make It Right" for his clients. He previously spent several years as an attorney working for large insurance companies and fortune 500 corporations, defending policyholders and denying personal injury claims. This experience gives Boyd unique insights into the inner-workings of insurance claims and their pattern of "deny, defend, delay, don't pay."  Boyd also remembers his own personal injury crisis and what it's like to need legal help -- in 2015, he was riding a bike in the bike lane in Huntington Beach, CA when a drunk driver struck him from behind. Boyd is therefore able to truly put himself in his clients' shoes as he strives to tailor each case to their needs, their losses, and their concerns.  In fighting for his clients, Boyd is guided by a deep resolve for fairness, justice, and truth. 

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